Masochuticon #1.

I ape the satisfied cadaver

by Anne.

At the age of 12, each girl receives her own Machine. The Machines are hand-crafted by Men like Geza, strong Men, hungry Men, the only Men in the colonies allowed to fuck. I’ve heard that the Machines began as a way for the Company to monitor the sexual activities of their employees, but now they’re just the way access to girls is managed. And girls were the reason that Men like Geza join the Service Corps.

Service Corps Code

Section 1.2

It is prohibited for a Service Man to fall in love with a girl.

Section 1.2.1

The penalty for doing so is death.

At last count, there were over two thousand Men in the colonies who service the Machines and, by extension, the girls. To join the Corps, they’re tested and trained for a year, and if they pass, they spend another four or five years as a Man-in-waiting. For Geza, the waiting had felt like a lifetime. (A lifetime for a year of service!)

Service Corps Code

Section 3.5

It is prohibited for a Man-in-waiting to set eyes upon a girl, or any representation, electronic or organic, of a girl or part of a girl.

Section 3.5.1

The penalty for doing so is expulsion from the Corps.

It’s a well-known fact that Service Men (of course they deny it) make Machines that are prone to overheating. When Machines overheat glitches happen, and when glitches happen, Service Men are called. And as any girl could tell you, this means a Service Man never has to be without his Machine—or a girl—for long.

But after all that waiting, maybe we shouldn’t blame him.

Service Corps Code

Section 5.2

It is prohibited for a Service Man to knowingly create and distribute faulty Machines.

Section 5.2.1

The penalty for doing so is permanent metal sheathing of the penis.

Since the first time Geza set eyes upon her, he knew what would happen. And, still, he did nothing to prevent it.

Service Corps Code

Section 6.1

It is prohibited for a girl to knowingly damage a Machine.

Section 6.1.1

The penalty for doing so is permanent metal clamping of the inner and outer vulva.

Geza came every time he was called. (The girl was always calling.) He had no choice. (Service Men want no choice.)

Service Corps Code

Section 9.3

It is prohibited for a girl to fall in love with a Service Man.

Section 9.3.1

The penalty for doing so is denial of service.

She asked him for the third time: ‘Do you love me?’ The burning light in his eyes was the only indication he’d heard the question. She tried to remember when the answer had become so important, but only managed to conjure his peculiar metallic scent. (Oh, how she loved that smell!) When she looked back at him—her right hand still fiercely grinding the metal sheath against the cage between her legs—his eyes were dead.

It was only then that she realised no one would be coming to replace him.

The title for this story was filched from a lovely description of masculine virility in Julian Barnes’ Flaubert’s Parrot.

By Anne, 15 February, 2006; direct link.